Newborn Care Services

10 Different Types of Newborn Care Services

When it comes to newborn care services, the options are quite varied. The childcare industry can be a highly specialized place, and there are several different types of professional whose services are directed mainly at newborns and their parents. Here are ten of the most common types of childcare service providers.

  1. Live-In Nanny – Experienced live-in nannies are generally seasoned veterans when it comes to newborn care. In addition to looking after a family’s newest member, live-in nannies care for the older children and may also provide other household management services.
  2. Live-Out Nanny – Nannies who live away from their employers’ property are no less dedicated than their live-in counterparts, and are just as qualified, on average. Those with newborn experience can be hard to come by, as families who have them are loath to let them go.
  3. Newborn Care Specialist – While live-in and live-out nannies generally work for years in one satisfactory post, newborn care specialists will move on when their charge reaches about three months of age.
  4. Post-Partum Doula – In addition to providing support for pregnant women and laboring mothers, many doulas offer post-partum services that include assisting with the care of a newborn and helping new parents adjust to life with a baby.
  5. Newborn Nanny Agency – Agencies that specialize in newborn nannies match new parents in need of assistance with an experienced nanny, or submit several resumes in order to allow the family to make a choice.
  6. Baby Nurses – Baby nurses are similar to nannies, but also have degrees in nursing and a specialization in newborns. Their medical training makes them quite valuable; most are rarely without a post.
  7. Sleep Training Specialist – When new parents find that their bundle of joy simply will not sleep, some opt to engage a sleep training specialist. These specialists typically report to work in the early evening and leave at sunrise; their job consists of helping a newborn learn to self-soothe and establish sleep patterns; sleep training specialists almost never provide other childcare services.
  8. Temporary Nanny – Some nannies with newborn experience but not necessarily specialization will agree to temporary posts, helping new parents during the first week or two after bringing Baby home. These short assignments are intended to help parents feel more secure, rather than stepping in and handling the typical range of duties.
  9. Multiple Birth Specialist – The only thing more intimidating than bringing home one baby is bringing home more than one. When first time parents find themselves with their hands full, they may seek out a multiple birth specialist, who provides assistance to parents struggling to fill the needs of more than one baby.
  10. Select Day Care Centers – Typical daycare centers do not accept babies under three months old, due to their delicate immune systems and the exposure to germs from older children. There are specialized centers that accept only newborns, however.