30 Blogs with the Best Baby Shower Favors

With the advent of the Internet and the rise in popularity of blogging, there’s now an entire corner of the web dedicated to providing hints, tips and ideas for planning great parties, entertaining friends and family, and celebrating special occasions. From professional party planners to those who simply have a gift for organizing festive events, bloggers from all over the world come together in the blogosphere to share their party planning knowledge. These 30 blogs offer great ideas for shower and party favors, which can easily be adapted to a baby shower theme with a bit of ingenuity and imagination.

Wooden Shower Favors

Depending upon the theme of the baby shower you’re planning, you may find that wooden favors best compliment the established décor. These five blogs offer whimsical and memorable shower favors that are simple to modify and customize so that they blend seamlessly with the rest of your festive decorations.

Glassware Baby Shower Favors

There’s something about glass that lends an air of sophistication and understated glamour to any celebratory event, and baby showers are no exception. Whether they’re discussing the popularity of a particular style of glass favor as the sole subject of their post, or are simply tucking different glassware favors into the body of a post filled with other shower planning ideas and tips, these five bloggers provide some valuable insights regarding baby shower favors made of glass.

Edible Shower Favors

While edible favors are meant to be eaten, and, as such, will not provide your guests with a memento that marks the occasion, they’re also very popular favor options with both hostesses and guests alike. These five blog posts offer plenty of cute ideas for edible baby shower favors, from personalized candy bars to creative packages filled with snacks.

DIY and Crafty Baby Shower Favors

Though most baby shower favors are essentially “do-it-yourself” projects, these five blog posts offer up some creative and exciting ideas for baby shower favors that allow you to completely customize your offerings in order to match them perfectly with all of the other decorations.

Unique Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Quirky moms-to-be may prefer a baby shower favor that’s a bit different from the more popular offerings, which is where these five blog entries shine. From flower seeds to signature scents, there’s something in one of these posts that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Shower Favors for Multiples

An impending birth of multiples is exponentially more exciting, and deserves to be celebrated twice or even three times as much! These five ideas are designed around the idea of celebrating the birth of more than one baby, and are adorable ways to commemorate such a momentous occasion.


  1. Thanks for including the pacifier favor on your great list! Since I published this tutorial, several readers have mentioned they “glue” the jellybean to the lifesaver using melted white chocolate.. Enjoy!