30 Blogs for First-time Parents

While you knew you’d be bringing home a new baby, you likely didn’t realize just how deep and raw the emotions were that would come with your new bundle of joy.  You want to make all the right decisions regarding your new child, which leaves you second-guessing the decisions you’ve already made – especially the ones you made prior to welcoming your infant home. As you ponder what’s right and what’s not during pregnancy and beyond, consider these resourceful blogs to help guide you to your answers.

Your Pregnancy

You’re expecting! Now what?  Answers to this question and more about what’s happening with your baby and your body can be found in these five blogs.

Birthing Plans

As the big day approaches, most new parents feel a sense of excitement and anxiety about the whole birthing process. These five blogs will help you create a birthing plan that’s right for you.


Breast or bottle? Bottle or breast?  Discover what others have to say about the pros and cons of your feeding options to help guide you to the right decision for your family.

Money Management

Bet you didn’t know diapers would set you back a small fortune, did you?  Learn how to save money on the things you will need most for your baby and nursery without breaking the bank with these five blog entries.

All About Dads

When it comes to parenting, dads have questions too. These five blogs address dads’ most frequently asked questions and their most common fears as they empower men to be the best fathers they can be.

Parenting Advice

People always say that kids don’t come with an owner’s manual, and you’ll quickly learn they were right.  While all children are unique, there are a few universal principles that most new parents embrace. Discover what’s popular in parenting advice in these five blogs geared towards new parents.