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10 Ways to Find a Newborn Care Job

Job seekers with an interest in working with newborns can find themselves unsure of how to conduct their job search. As application protocols change, navigating the realm of employment pursuit can be daunting. Here are ten of the easiest ways to find a job caring for newborns in your area.

  1. Print Ads – Though it may seem as if newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur, they can still be a very good resource for those seeking employment. Advertising your newborn experience as a nanny or perusing available related positions could prove to be fruitful.
  2. Church or Place of Worship Bulletins – Many church bulletins have space for congregation announcements; announcing that you’re available to care for newborns and babies can be one of the best ways to find work as a newborn nanny.
  3. Through a Pediatrician – For all things baby in your community, consulting a local pediatrician might be your best bet. Letting her know that you’re available for work and would appreciate being included on a childcare provider list is likely to net plenty of calls.
  4. Posting Flyers at Community Centers – Local centers that host parenting and childbirth classes are another great place to post a flyer or ad on a bulletin board; as soon-to-be parents leave their classes, they’ll find your ad and might even give you a call.
  5. Local Online Classifieds – Looking for work in the private childcare industry through local online classifieds may require jumping through a few more hoops, as parents can be naturally suspicious of anyone they find online. These ads will, however, be seen by more people, which increases your chance of finding a post.
  6. Nanny Agency – Working for a nanny agency takes quite a bit of the legwork out of the equation. They will add you to their pool of for-hire nannies; smaller agencies may even actively match you with compatible families. Newborn specialization is relatively rare, which can narrow the field of competition a bit.
  7. Local Parenting Forums – Parenting forums are a great way to find newborn care jobs in your area; many of these community-centric forums even have sections specifically for those seeking employment and families seeking childcare providers.
  8. Day Care Centers – Day care centers that specialize in newborns are significantly less common that their three-months-and-up counterparts. These specialized centers are a great place to leave a copy of your resume.
  9. Job Placement Service – Many trade schools and vocational colleges have job placement services on campus; graduating from a newborn-focused program will generally allow you to take advantage of those services.
  10. Changing Nursing Specialty – For those who are already nurses, a few courses may qualify you to change your specialization to neonatal or NICU nurse; in some hospitals, you may be able to transfer directly. Nursing students may be able to focus their area of study on neonatal care, depending upon their current education program.