10 iPhone Apps for Managing Baby’s Schedule

When you become a parent, it can seem like your entire schedule shifts to accommodate the one set by your precious new bundle of joy. For today’s productivity and scheduling obsessed world, tracking the times when Baby eats the most, sleeps the best, and goes through the most diapers is a bit of a booming business. These 10 iPhone apps can help you turn the mobile device you use to manage your own schedule into one that also tracks, monitors and establishes the one that your new baby adheres to.

  1. Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking – Part of managing your baby’s schedule is learning how to track feeding, sleeping and diapering trends so that you can modify your own schedule to meet her demands. This free app is simple to use and remarkably pared down, free of extraneous features that can slow a busy parent down. There is also a note-taking feature included so that you can record special events and circumstances. Eat Sleep also supports more than one child’s schedule.
  2. Baby Connect (Activity Logger) – One of the most popular and comprehensive apps for new parents in the App Store, Baby Connect allows you to set notifications so that you never miss an appointment with the pediatrician, a vaccination, or a scheduled feeding. You can also track charts and trending reports, along with weekly averages.
  3. Baby Tracker from WhatToExpect.com – The trusted folks at WhatToExpect.com bring parents this free app, which allows you to monitor your baby during her first year to make sure that she’s hitting milestones on schedule and getting everything she needs to grow and thrive. Keep up with feedings, diaper changes and sleeping schedules, and access practical parenting advice with this app.
  4. My Baby Today – The checklists, daily calendar and photo album built into the free My Baby Today app allow you to manage every aspect of your baby’s schedule, including feedings and nap times. There is also a selection of weekly activity suggestions, advice and safety information included.
  5. Baby Tracker: Nursing – Keeping up with your baby’s breastfeeding schedule is a snap with this $4.99 app, which manages and tracks nursing sessions with just a few taps. Forget about clunky notebooks, timers and breastfeeding journals; just use the mobile device you already have at the tips of your fingers.
  6. iBaby Feed Timer – If you want to determine how long, on average, that your baby feeds so that you can schedule accordingly, you’ll need to track and time her feeding sessions over the course of a few days. With this $1.99 app, you can manage every aspect of timing feedings and tracking the length of sessions, so that you’re able to easily determine the average amount of time she spends feeding.
  7. Happy Baby Schedule – If you’re using the Happy Baby Schedule method of sleep training, this $0.99 app is an invaluable supplemental tool. The app will help you schedule feedings and time them for optimal duration, so that you’re able to establish a functional and reliable schedule during her first eight weeks that carries through her infancy.
  8. Total Baby – An Apple Staff Favorite and featured in the September 2012 issue of Parenting Magazine, Total Baby is one of the best logging and tracking apps for babies in the App Store. Parents and caregivers alike can quickly and easily use this $4.99 application to time, track and log every aspect of a baby’s schedule. Ideal for both single children and multiples, Total Baby manages everything from diapers to bath time.
  9. Baby Activity Logger – Sleep trending charts, daily activity tracking, and schedule monitoring are all a breeze with this $4.99 app, which is designed to be easily navigated with one hand and to keep all of your baby’s relevant scheduling information in one place.
  10. Baby Pack & Go Packing List – If your baby is the social type, getting her out the door on time and keeping her on schedule can be a challenge. This $0.99 app reminds you of everything you need to pack to make every outing a successful one, ensuring that you’re always prepared and on time.

Despite your best efforts to establish a schedule for your baby that works with your existing one, you may find that you’re forced to adapt to her schedule, rather than vice versa. It’s best to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate her needs, rather than struggling to establish a schedule that leaves you both irritable and exhausted. These apps are great ways to monitor and track the schedule she’s creating, however, and can be effective tools to for gradually modifying it to better suit your needs.